Debate over the reform of the World Bank and the IMF

Paris- France (PANA) -- Three international NGOs expressing solidarity with countries of the South are pushing for World Bank and IMF reform programmes to be featured at the forthcoming World Conference against Racism in Durban, South Africa.
The 'Agir Ici' (Act Here) group, the International Association of Technicians, Experts and Researchers (AITEC) and the Research Centre for Information and Development (CRID) - all based in Paris - want the Bretton Woods institutions on the Durban agenda because they "prescribe and orchestrate policies that exert strong control on countries of the South".
They want the conference to get donor agencies readjust their strategies and policies in Africa and the developing world at large.
In a joint declaration, the three NGOs outlined what they called a "citizens' proposal for the reform of international financial institutions" that could serve as the basis for reflection at the Durban forum.
The proposal enjoins the World Bank and IMF to adopt "sustainable development policies involving populations at local level".
The NGOs fault current reform programmes, charging that they rather exacerbate the problems of poverty, accelerate the degradation of health and education services, sustain the violation of fundamental human rights and aggravate the havoc wreaked on the environment.
The redistribution of international wealth, the three NGOs insist, should be a key issue in any forum addressing racism and xenophobia.

25 august 2001 18:03:00

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