Debate on federal African government concept continues

Accra- Ghana (PANA) -- African Union (AU) Commission Chairperson, Alpha Oumar Konare confirmed his mandate was extended up to next January "because the conditions for an election were not met" during the Accra summit.
"I however regret that the next elections may be conducted belatedly when we largely exceeded the limits.
That means a Commission chair who would not have to appoint commissioners, rules and structures which the audit will show are largely exceeded," said Tuesday at the end of the ninth AU ordinary summit in Accra, Ghana.
Meanwhile, there was no concession on the "Grand Debate" that focussed the African federal government project, which was the main focus for two days in Accra, a source privileged to the closed-door meeting told PANA.
"The debate was not easy.
It was rather difficult but that shows the whole work we will have to do for the main policy-makers to get the same information in order to make right decisions," Konare told the press at the end of the summit.
According to some checking done by the AU secretariat, 41 African heads of state and government addressed the summit on the Union government proposal, which was the single agenda item of the Accra summit.
Some 17 countries including South Africa emphatically expressed their opposition to the establishment of a continental government.
On the other hand, 15 states re-iterated their adherence to the Union government concept while nine others expressed their support to forming a federal government, but on a gradually basis.
According to our source, President Thabo Mbeki used these statistics to note that the majorities were against the project.
But that stance was rejected by Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade who includes the nine "gradualist" states wishing to move toward Union government, bringing their number to 24 if the 15 outright supporters of federalism are added.
Thus, to find a compromise, Wade suggested the setting up of a Commission tasked to sum up the works and propose a roadmap with clear objectives for the federal African government concept.
That led to a single compromise establishing a Ministerial Council in charge of refining the strategy towards the Union government project.

04 july 2007 11:07:00

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