Darfur war crimes hearing delayed

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- The International Criminal Court (ICC) said Frida y a confirmation hearing for two Darfur rebel leaders, scheduled for 22 November , has been moved to 8 December following internal changes.
Two Darfur rebel leaders, Nourain Banda and Jerbo Jarmus, are undergoing a trial confirmation hearing, a stage at which the Court will try to establish if there is adequate evidence to sustain a trial for war crimes.
The Court said the confirmation hearings were delayed in light of developments t hat have occurred in the composition of Chambers and of the Court schedule, as w e ll as of the number of courtrooms available to the Court.
The confirmation hearing is held to ensure that no case goes to trial unless the re is sufficient evidence to establish substantial grounds to believe that the p e rson committed the crime with which he or she has been charged.
The suspects have the right to attend the hearing or, in their absence, be repre sented by counsel.
Pre-Trial Chamber I decided that, should the suspects intend to waive their righ t to be present at the confirmation hearing, the written request to the Chamber i n this regard must be submitted before 8 November, 2010.
Banda and Jerbo are charged with three war crimes -- violence to life, in the fo rm of murder, whether committed or attempted; intentionally directing attacks ag a inst personnel, installations, materials, units, and vehicles involved in a peac e keeping.
The crimes were committed during an attack carried out on 29 September, 2007, ag ainst the African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS), a peace-keeping mission station e d at the Haskanita Military Group Site, in the locality of Umm Kadada, North Dar f ur.
It is alleged that the attackers killed 12 soldiers and severely wounded eight o thers, destroyed communications facilities and other materials and appropriated p roperty belonging to AMIS.

22 october 2010 18:01:00

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