Darfur factions meet in Tripoli

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- Libyan capital, Tripoli, Tuesday evening hosted a meetin g between the High-Level Committee formed by the African Union (AU), for the res o lution of the issue of the Sudanese western Darfur province and several politica l and armed factions operating in the province.
Former Presidents of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, and Burundi, Pierre Buyoya, atte nded the meeting to which the leaders of political and armed factions in Darfur, including the Front of the Revolutionary Force, the United Resistance Front, the Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement, represented by the Arzag branch, and fiv e branches of the Sudanese Liberation Movement, were invited.
The AU Committee listened to the responses of movement and Sudanese factions, on issues relating to the achievement of peace and reconciliation and the politica l future of Darfur.
The committee noted that the responses would be recorded in a report to be prese nted later to the pan-African organisation.

05 august 2009 19:22:00

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