Dakar forum intellectuals laud African leaders' vision

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- Participants at the first conference of intellectuals from Africa and the Diaspora that opened here Thursday have praised African heads of state for their vision in promoting the speedy growth and development of the continent.
"Africa is breaking fresh grounds, all the more so as some African heads of state are making the Pan-African dream become a reality," the intellectuals said during a private meeting with some five African leaders attending the conference.
A general consensus of the heads of state was every African needed to get involved in addressing the misfortunes of the continent because Africa does not belong solely to its leaders, a position warmly embraced by the intellectuals, a source at the meeting told PANA.
They, however, pointed out that some political leaders feared the intelligentsia, sidelining them in the definition of development policies.
The intellectuals proposed the creation of African-owned private companies to exploit the mineral resources of the continent for maximum benefits to its peoples.
During the meeting, the African leaders impressed upon the intellectuals to accept as an obligation their involvement in the development policies defined by their governments.

07 october 2004 22:09:00

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