Dakar demands apology from Ottawa over Abdou Diouf

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- The government in Senegal is demanding that the Canadian government apologise over the body search on former Senegalese President, Abdou Diouf at Toronto airport where there was no authority to receive him.
Diouf, who is the current Secretary general of the International Organisation of the Francophonie, is on a visit to Canada to take part to the Francophonie ministerial Conference on conflict prevention and human security.
Senegalese Foreign Affairs Minister, Cheikh Tidiane Gadio, on Saturday urged the Canadian government to offer "sincere and public apologies by the most official way", that is the Prime Minister's office".
Gadio addressed a letter to his Canadian counterpart, Peter MacKay, saying, "Mr the Minister, we would have put this incident into perspective if instead of offering mere "regrets", your government had promptly handled things in order to immediately set up an enquiry and if your Prime Minister had, on behalf of your government, offered sincere and public apologies to President Diouf himself, to all the OIF member countries, to the Senegalese people and all their African fellows.
"This serious incident, which runs contrary to international diplomatic affinities, hurt the conscience of the international community in general, and the African and Senegalese in particular.
The personality of the concerned and his exceptional career as a big State servant largely explain the swelling wave of indignation throughout the world.
" Gadio the brilliant career of the former Senegalese Head of State, stressing that he worked with another exceptional Head of State (current Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade) to "give our country and to Africa a democratic change of power, which was hailed worldwide".
"The Francophonie called on such a Statesman to boost its action and goals to promote a universal Francophone humanism, which will build peace, solidarity, human dignity, enhanced economic cooperation and good governance," Gadio cited.
He lamented the fact that "it was also to such a statesman that was reserved on Canadian soil, a undeserved welcome frowned upon all over the world.
However, Gadio pointed out that it would be "unfair to judge a country and its people on a basis of an action, be it seirous as is the case, when, moreover, we know hundreds of positive actions your country is developing towards our Continent and the international solidarity in general".

14 may 2006 17:26:00

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