DRC, Madagascar bid to host 2010 Francophonie summit

Québec- Canada (PANA) -- The president of DR Congo (DRC), Joseph Kabila, and his Malagasy counterpart, Marc Ravalomanana, will defend the respective candidatures of their countries to host the Francophonie summit in 2010 during the meeting of the heads of state and government scheduled to take place from 18 to 19 October i n Québec, Canada.
A technical evaluation commission led by the special adviser to the Secretary Ge neral of the International Francophonie Organization (OIF), Ousmane Paye, recent l y visited the capitals of DR Congo, Kinshasa, and Madagascar, Antananarivo, to s u bmit the technical evaluation form to the two candidates.
According to sources, the Congolese intend to highlight in Québec that no Franco phonie summit had ever been held in Central Africa.
"This is a convincing argument that the Congolese mean to put forward.
For them, holding the summit in DRC would be an act of solidarity of the francophone fami l y towards the biggest sub-Saharan African country.
" The sources said the Congolese candidature, however, suffered from the absence o f adequate infrastructure in Kinshasa where the relics of the civil war were sti l l hanging over the city.
"The problem of the Congolese candidature is that it is going to be necessary to build, within a record deadline, a large infrastructure.
This is unlikely to ra i se the enthusiasm of the countries, which will be urged to fund it," an observer said.
For its part the Malagasy delegation would highlight the country's stability whi le indicating that the infrastructure component is in place.
"Madagascar now has a great tradition of organising this type of event.
The succ ess with which the country has conducted the Francophonie games, the ministerial Francophonie conference and the summit of the Organisation of Indian Ocean count r ies are clear examples of this," a member of the Malagasy delegation said.
The heads of state and government present in Québec would decide on the venue on Sunday.
They will on Saturday, the first day of the summit, review the international pol itical situation and economic solidarity among member countries of the organisat i on.
Environmental issues will be the subject of a round table of heads of state whil e the French language will be at the heart of a debate for the first time in its history.
At least 56 out of the 68 OIF member countries have already confirmed their part icipation in the Québec summit.

13 october 2008 23:41:00

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