DR Congo troops clash with dissidents in Kamanyola

Kinshasa- DR Congo (PANA) -- The 119th brigade of Democratic Republic of Congo's army clashed with dissidents led by Colonel Jules Mutebutsi in the Kamanyola area, about 50 km along the Bukavu-Uvira road, the commander of the government force Lieutenant-Colonel Nakabaka has said.
According to media reports monitored Tuesday in Kinshasa, the dissident forces using Bugarama, in neighbouring Rwanda as their rear bases, were backed by armoured vehicles from the Rwandan Patriotic Army (APR).
The dissidents moved towards the Luvungi and Bwegera localities, where they reportedly set houses ablaze to clear the way towards Lubarika in the Ruzizi plain.
The DRC army officer indicated that while the government forces had managed to push the insurgents up to Bugarama near the Rwandan border, they counter-attacked using APR armoured vehicles.
Colonel Nakabaka also revealed that another group of insurgents from the dissident group led by General Laurent Nkunda and commanded by one "Appolinaire" had clashed with loyalist soldiers in Kalehe, 70 km along the Bukavu-Goma road.

15 june 2004 23:06:00

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