DR Congo threatens to sue Tanzanian journalists

Dar es Salaam- Tanzania (PANA) -- DR Congo government has threatened to sue some Tanzanian journalists for supporting Rwanda, which Kinshasa has accused of plundering Congolese wealth.
A team of Tanzanian journalists, which visited Rwanda and DR Congo recently at the invitation of the Rwandan government, is being carpeted for backing "their paymaster Rwanda.
" "We shall take them to court if we gather incriminating evidence that the money they were paid by Rwanda was obtained through the looting of our country's resources," DR Congo's Ambassador in Tanzania Theodore Mugallu wa Mahingo told reporters late Friday.
He said "Rwanda has no financial capacity to pay people in dollars.
This money was stolen from our country.
" "I have lived in Rwanda and I know that the country depends on sodium ash and clay soil for its revenue generation.
It cannot get much money to finance a team of journalists," Mahingo added.
He alleged that troops from Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda have plundered Congo's natural resources and committed other inhuman acts, such as the rape of women.
The envoy claimed that the Tanzanian journalists who visited DR Congo could not write anything positive about that country because they were hired by Rwanda as "mercenaries.
" "If you co-operate with a thief, you are also a thief," he charged.
Congolese officials have earlier accused Tanzanian journalists of biased reporting and corruption.

21 april 2001 16:55:00

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