DR Congo denounces "genocide" of its people

Durban- South Africa (PANA) -- The Democratic Republic of Congo Sunday brought to the attention of the World Conference Against Racism "the insidious genocide" suffered by its people in the last three years.
"Just like the Hema-Lendu conflict which led to the killing of 50,000 people in the area occupied by Uganda, inter-ethnic conflicts are, with total impunity, rekindled, sparked off, backed up and orchestrated for the sole purposes of establishing foreign domination", said Ntumba Luaba Luma, the head of the DRC delegation.
"The aggressive war imposed on us by our neighbours of Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi is the cause of the killing of more than three million people, directly or indirectly, in the armed conflict", he added.
"About two million people have been displaced.
The conflict has left 400,000 refugees, hundreds of women raped, not to mention those people who have been buried alive".
Luma affirmed that if genocide of this magnitude was perpetrated elsewhere in Africa, it would definitely decimate the whole population.
He therefore called for the unequivocal condemnation of this aggression and for the liberation of occupied DRC territory.

03 september 2001 23:04:00

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