DR Congo: 3,700 children successfully treated of malnutrition effects in DRC

Kinshasa, DR Congo (PANA) – Some 3,700 children, aged between 6 months and 5 years, have returned to their homes in healthy conditions from the malnutrition centres in the Kailo and Kabambare, in eastern DR Congo, after being treated during an intensive programme of the international NGO Coopi, the Office for the Coordination of humanitarian affairs (OCHA) indicated here in a communique received by PANA on Thursday.

According to the communique, the children represent 95% of all those who had been admitted and treated of malnutrition, a blight that has ravaged people in the area.

During the programme, whose main goal was to contribute to the reduction of deaths linked to severe malnutrition, more than 100 health agents and staff as well as 144 community intermediaries were trained on how to deal with severe malnutrition.

Malnutrition affects people in five of the seven territories in the province of Maniema.

According to the latest nutritional surveys carried out by the National nutritional programme, the prevalence rate for global malnutrition and several malnutrition within children aged less than five years are over the alert line of 10% and 2% respectively.
The territories of Kailo and Kabambare are the most affected with severe malnutrition rates over the emergency intervention line.

According to the national nutrition programme, the causes of severe malnutrition within children and women are food insecurity due to the significant drop in subsistence, market garden and animal production, the weak purchasing power of the populations linked to extreme poverty, the bad practice of food for new-born babies and little children and the tendency to give priority to mining activities over farming activities.
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