Cyclone Dina wreaks havoc on Reunion

Saint Denis- Reunion (PANA) -- Bad weather conditions on Tuesday hampered relief workers and security officials from visiting Reunion's eastern an northern coastal areas, which were badly affected by the tropical cyclone Dina.
The storm caused extensive damage to houses, crops and infrastructure in the two areas, with gusts of up to 250km per hour.
Officials could not travel to the area because the cyclone devastated roads, caused landslides and floods.
The cyclone has severed power from over 100,000 households or half the island's population, while more than 1,000 families had to be temporarily housed in accommodation centres.
Two people were seriously wounded in Saint-Denis when a wall collapsed.
Their injuries were reported to be not life threatening.
Meanwhile, floods from a river forced authorities to evacuate the 35 families from Lengevin village in southern Reunion's Saint- Joseph area.
The cyclone also disrupted the telephone communications between the French owned Indian Ocean Island and the rest of the world.
Radio and television broadcasts have been interrupted since Tuesday evening because the cyclone damaged their transmitters.
It also ripped off the roof of a building used by a private television station, Antenne Reunion, forcing journalists to shelter in the basement.
No casualties were reported on Tuesday evening, although Reunion's prefect, Gonthier Friederici, said that the extent of the damage would be known by Wednesday.

23 january 2002 13:34:00

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