Crime on the rise in Yaounde

Yaounde- Cameroon (PANA) -- At least nine armed raids or suspicious deaths were recorded in the Cameroonian capital, Yaounde, in the latter half of May, official sources conceded.
Two murders particularly shocked residents: that of Charles Fernand Ngounou Kouam, a 37-year-old electronics engineer who lived in France, and that of Catherine Duclaux, a worker with the International Committee of the Red Cross, married to a Cameroonian musician.
Kouam was in Cameroon to celebrate his wedding, and was found stabbed to death on 19 May right in the centre of town, while Duclaux was also stabbed to death on 27 May outside a pharmacy where she had gone to buy medicine for her sick baby.
On 20 May, the mutilated body of a man in his thirties was discovered, with his genitals and brain removed.
A beauty saloon was broken into and money stolen on 22 May.
On the same day the driver of the minister of Transport was seriously wounded by gangsters, and has since been evacuated to France.
On 25 May a restaurant was attacked and gangsters made off with several millions of CFA francs.
On 24 and 31 May security forces shot dead two men as they tried to steal an aerial and an electricity meter.
Notwithstanding these killings, the General Delegate for National Security, Pierre Minlo Medjo, insists "there is absolutely nothing alarming in the current security situation.
" In an interview published on Tuesday by the official daily "Cameroon Tribune," Medjo said "crime never falls to zero level.
" He said "statistics show that in May crime has not risen compared to April or to previous months.
" "Gangsters are no longer operating in public places, but mostly in houses, with knives and machetes," he said.

06 june 2001 10:05:00

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