Court quashes bribery charges against former minister

Blantyre- Malawi (PANA) -- The judge of Lilongwe magisterial court, Ken Manda, Wednesday discharged all three counts of official corruption levied against former finance minister Cassim Chilumpha.
Chilumpha was being charged with corruption and accepting bribes and grat from contractor Greselder Jeffreys.
Jeffreys is being tried for accepting a 56-million Kwacha (about 728,000 US dollars) payment for construction work for the ministry of education.
Most of the work, according to the Anti-Corruption Bureau, was never done while some was partially done.
MP Chilumpha was being accused of receiving about 30,000 kwacha from Jeffreys for instructing the ministry of education to release the 56 million kwacha to her.
But when Chilumpha was arrested in January, he argued that he was confused because the money never went to him personally.
In his ruling, Manda said, technically, he had no choice but to discharge Chilumpha of all the charges levied against him.

16 may 2001 16:49:00

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