Cote d'Ivoire's falls back into political crisis

Abidjan- Cote d'Ivoire (PANA) -- Cote d'Ivoire is sliding back into the socio-political crisis that prevailed before the national reconciliation forum held earlier this year, the head of a local NGO warned in Abidjan Monday.
According to the chairman of the Association for the preservation and maintenance of peace, Benjamin Coulibaly, the socio-political climate has dramatically deteriorated ahead of the 7 July general council elections.
"We are in an early warning period.
The language of reconciliation has disappeared.
There still is no agreement between the four political leaders.
And newspaper headlines indicate that political temperature is rising," cautioned in a speech to launch his NGO's peace week.
Coulibaly, who is recognised as a peace campaigner in Cote d'Ivoire said the rising tension has prompted his organisation to initiate the peace week.
The peace week launched Monday at the mayor's office in Abidjan, was not attended by President Laurent Gbagbo, cabinet ministers or senior political leaders.
The peace promotion initiative continues until 9 June.
Political tension is rising again following the failure by Gbagbo's government to issue a nationality certificate to former Ivorian Prime Minister Alassane Ouattara, who was barred from contesting the October 2000 presidential election race on grounds that his citizenship was "dubious".

04 june 2002 22:44:00

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