Cote d'Ivoire: Africa has new Internet address and her own domain name

Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire (PANA) - More than 8,000 of the continent's leading brands and companies, as well as individuals, have already registered to obtain the new Internet address or domain name with .africa extension, a statement said on Thursday to PANA.

Several organizations, particularly in the banking and media sectors, are currently adopting .africa domain names.

"Continental and leading international brands are currently adopting domain names with .africa extension because they are aware of the importance of being associated with Africa's bright online future. Faced with the large number of positive adventures that are taking place in the continent, brands are becoming aware that .africa domain names are a valuable virtual possession, "said Lucky Masilela, ZACR CEO, a nonprofit company that administers the new .africa domain name on the continent.

54 African countries are now united under a single domain name that spans the entire continent.

"Initiatives such as .africa make it possible to take advantage of new technologies to solve old problems. The .africa extension is unique because it gives Africans a very important sense of pride to encourage them to do everything possible for the good of their continent and themselves," Masisela concluded.
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07 september 2017 19:23:19

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