Consumer Rights Day observed in Gambia

Banjul- Gambia (PANA) – In observance of "World Co-nsumer Rights Day" on Thursday under the global theme: "Unethical Drug Promotions", a rights-based association in Gambia has emphasised the importance of consumer rights in today's world.
March 15th each year has been observed since 1983 as consumer rights day and Consumer Protection Association of the Gambia (CPAG) commemorated the day in the country's commercial capital Serre Kunda with a workshop emphasising the rights of consumers.
The founder of CPAG, Dr.
Katim Touray, decried "unethical drug promotions" saying: "This issue is especially important because many consumers are not aware of the fact that their drug consumption choices are shaped more by corporate profit motives than sound health care delivery.
" "For this reason," Touray said in a statement, "we are working around the world to hold governments and pharmaceutical companies accountable for unethical drug promotion and advertising that values corporate profits more than consumer health.

16 Março 2007 09:25:00

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