Congolese leader affirms compatriot's OIF executive bid

Paris- France (PANA) -- Congolese President Denis Sassou N'Guessou affirmed earlier this week that the Central African country was maintaining the candidacy of its national Henri Lopes, for the position of secretary general of the International Francophonie Organisation (OIF).
"Lopes' candidature was first announced prior to the Hanoi summit but he later withdrew to facilitate the election of our brother Boutros-Ghali," the Congolese leader explained while on a visit in the French capital, adding "the candidature has since matured and would therefore be presented at the Beirut summit.
" He emphasised that "any other candidate" was announced later, and that Lopes, who is Congolese Ambassador to France has the requisite profile for the office of OIF secretary general.
Observers reckon former Senegalese Head of State Abdou Diouf could present his candidature for the position currently held by Boutros Boutros Ghali of Egypt.

25 سبتمبر 2002 15:01:00

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