Congolese infants die of malnutrition

Kinshasa- DR Congo (PANA) -- Malnutrition accounts for 48% of deaths among children under the age of five in the DR Congo, the director of the national nutrition programme (PRONANUT), Dr Banea Mayambu told PANA Wednesday.
He said acute malnutrition affects at least two million children under the age of five, while chronic malnutrition and growth retardation affect at least 4.
5 million children.
To fight the scourge, the Congolese government has adopted a national strategy of community-based nutrition (NAC) aimed at fostering a change of attitude among mothers and communities.
One objective is to raise parental awareness of the damaging effects of malnutrition and the need to vaccinate children.

02 mars 2005 21:19:00

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