Congolese authorities battle Ebola epidemic

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- Environment minister Henri Djomobo affirmed Thursday in Brazzaville that the government has "declared war" against the Ebola virus currently wreaking havoc in two districts in northern Congo.
"An action plan has been elaborated for the protection of human and animal life," the minister declared at the close of a meeting convened to define research strategies against the deadly virus.
Djomobo acknowledged the contribution of more than 60 national and international specialists within the ambit of a programme on Central African Forest Ecosystems (ECOFAC).
He also mentioned support from the international community and some NGOs through the World Health Organisation (WHO), the European Union, French Cooperation, US organisations and the World Fund for Nature (WWF).
"The meeting was an important step in finding solutions to the Ebola tragedy that is threatening to decimate a precious natural heritage, the giant primates at the sanctuary of Lossi and the Odzala National Park," the minister stated.
He announced the holding in Washington late March 2003, of a second meeting to evaluate preventive measures and research on the disease, with a view to mobilising funds for the operation.
"This is an epidemic that undermines conservation efforts in the sub-region," the minister warned, adding "that is why partners of the Congo Basin are primarily concerned and should be mobilised to contain outbreak.

08 march 2003 19:34:00

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