Congo seeks international relief for displaced persons

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- The Minister of Health and Humanitarian action, Dr Léon Alfred Opimbat on Tuesday appealed for interntional relief assistance for persons displaced by attacks in the Pool area of Congo by Ninja militias since 29 March.
Opimbat made the appeal during a meeting with representatives of international humanitarian organisations in Brazzaville as well as UN agencies, William Patton, co-ordinator of the UN system in Congo, said.
He said camps have been set in three regions to receive persons fleeing fighting in the Pool region.
"There had been 3000-5000 displaced persons in Kinkala and 10,000 in Djambala; in the other sites we do not have the exact figures yet," Paton said.
"The situation of displaced people is not yet critical but as their food runs out and the sanitary conditions are not excellent they might need help.
" In Kinkala, a district so far spared by the fighting, the displaced people have no medicine and food and staff have deserted the local hospital for security reasons.
The market is no longer supplied due to the interruption of the road traffic with Brazzaville by militia attacks.
Paton disclosed that he "discussed security issues on Tuesday morning with the Congolese Interior minister, General Pierre Oba, and he is expected to chair a humanitarian meeting to discuss when to send the first convoy of relief assistance to the displaced persons.
"Each of them (relief agencies) will tell us what they could do and we think that the first convoy might head for the sites on Wednesday," Paton said, but asked for military escort for the relief convoy to avert possible attacks on them.

09 april 2002 23:18:00

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