Congo adopts national anti-AIDS framework

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- The Congolese government on Thursday adopted in Braz zaville a new national strategic framework against HIV/AIDS for the 2009-2013 pe r iod to reduce the prevalence of the disease and improve the treatment of people l iving with HIV, officials said.
The new strategic framework was adopted at the end of the workshop on the valida tion of the report on the analysis of HIV/AIDS at the national level and the rev i ew of the 2003-2007 national strategic framework against the disease that the Co n golese Health Ministry held in Brazzaville recently.
This new strategic framework, which is yet to be finalised, aims "to provide the Republic of Congo with an instrument for the coordination, advocacy and mobilis a tion of resources for the orientation of all projects and programmes, including t hose of the civil society associations, in order to reduce the HIV/AIDS prevalence in the 2009-2013 prevalence and improve the living condition s of people infected and affected by the disease".
The new strategic framework has five major lines with precise objectives - reduc e by 50% the proportion of 15-49 year-old adults with risk practices by 2013 and increase from 10% to 50% the proportion of adults in the same age group knowing t heir serological status.
It also intends to reduce by at least 10% the proportion of newborn babies from HIV-infected mothers; provide basic access to 100% of the households affected by the HIV; and promote an environment conducive to the multi-sectorial and decentr a lisation of the national response to HIV/AIDS.
The health minister's principal private secretary, Celine Tchissambou Bayonne, s aid she was pleased that the new strategic framework took into account free HIV t ests and follow-up of people living with HIV across the country, as decided by t h e president.
"The development of this new strategic framework gives us the opportunity to inc lude these measures in the strategic orientations expected to guide the fight ag a inst HIV/AIDS for the next five years," she stressed, and urged the experts to f i nalise the process and its operational plans The HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in Congo is 4.
However, according to some observ ers, this does not reflect the reality on the ground and may be higher in many d e nsely populated areas.

09 may 2008 22:58:00

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