Congo Brazzaville gets village committees on Ebola

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- Village committees have been set up to tackle Ebola virus in Congo Brazzaville's northern province of Sangha, a month after a government appeal for the sensitisation of the population against the disease that killed more than 100 people near the area.
State radio said Saturday that the committees would essentially educate the population on precautions to avoid an infection.
The committees have set up in the Bomassa, Kabo, Ndoki-Mokobo and Pokola localities near the country's border with Gabon.
Between January and May 2003, some 134 Ebola deaths were recorded from the 144 reported cases in the Kelle and Mbomo districts, north of Brazzaville.
Most of the patients were said to have eaten the meat of dead primates found in the forest.

25 august 2003 11:36:00

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