Congo: Italian companies seek investment in Congo's infrastructural dev't

Brazzaville, Congo (PANA) – Representatives of Italian companies - Asteq, Antonio Zanini and Ediverde - have expressed their strong desire to invest in Congo's infrastructural development.

Speaking at the end of talks on Wednesday with Emile Ouesso, Congolese minister of Equipment and Road Maintenance, the director of the Chamber of Commerce of Udine, Omar Londero said: "Our region has a lot to offer.’’

He called for public-private partnership to carry out infrastructural development in Congo.

The entrepreneurs are specialists in civil engineering from the Italian city of Udine working in the construction of civil, industrial and residential buildings, roads, motorways, railways, airport runways, bridges and viaducts, as well as the making of machines for concrete reinforcing bars.

Mr Ouesso said Congo was looking for partners for projects in infrastructural development.

Of Congo's 18,000-kilometre road network only 3,000 kilometres are asphalted.

"We must build roads and bridges. We then need concrete reinforced bars. It depends on you to transform ideas into concrete projects,’’ said the Congolese minister.
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05 october 2017 11:07:21

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