Congo: Oil company gives Congo 100 million CFAF to fight Ebola

Brazzaville, Congo (PANA) – The Congolese National Oil Company (SNPC) has granted Congo 100 million CFAF to respond efficiently and quickly to any case of the deadly Ebola disease in the country, a communiqué issued by the Health ministry said in Brazzaville on Friday.

It said the document for the grant had been signed in Brazzaville by the Congolese minister of Health, François Ibovi, the UNICEF representative in Congo, Aloys Kamuragiye, and the Secretary General of the SNPC Foundation, Pascal Itoua Oyona.

“The signing of the partnership convention for the prevention and preparation for Ebola response is the practical expression of the will expressed by SNPC and UNICEF to help the Congolese government to face any possible imported case of the disease," said Ibovi. (US$1=558 CFAF)

The Congolese minister of Health reassured the SNPC leaders of the efficient use of the funds. The grant, which is for one year, comes into force from the date of the signing of the document by the different parties.

The UNICEF representative in Congo welcomed the signing of the partnership convention, saying that SNPC had exhibited a good example for other public and private partners to follow.

"The financial contribution from SNPC will not only help back the prevention and communication activities, but also all activities related to the training on the monitoring of Ebola, hygiene and simulations. This will enable Congo to test the system, check that everything is ready at all levels. Therefore, it is an important agreement,” said the UN official.

The Congolese government has also received a donation of materials for Ebola protection and sensitization from China and the mobile telephony company, Airtel Congo.
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