Congo: Congolese women urged to show interest in sciences, ICT

Brazzaville, Congo (PANA) - Congolese Women Promotion and Integration Development Minister, Catherine Embondza Lipiti, on Thursday called on Congolese women and girls to show more interest in science education and new technologies to enable them contribute to the African renaissance, PANA reported from the Congolese capital, Brazzaville.

Speaking on the occasion of the African Women Day celebrated 31 July every year, Mrs Lipiti said: "Science education and new technologies represent vital and deep stakes for resources in Africa.

"The continent needs to train its engineers and technicians to support the development of its economy and derive benefits from its raw materials."

The minister added that a particular emphasis should be laid on girls and women in as much as their number and their contribution to development are concerned.

She said that keeping the girls at school, guiding them towards scientific careers and easy access to new technologies represent major challenges as regards the African renaissance.

"Education of girls and women is a question of justice and equality in the interest of an efficient development policy," she declared.

The 2014 African Women Day is being held under the theme "The role of women and girls in education, sciences and new technologies as regards the African renaissance".

It offers opportunities to women to reflect on several themes in a bid to consolidate the gains in their struggle for the conquest of their fundamental rights.

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