Congo: Congolese senate adopts draft bill on security cooperation agreement with Angola

Brazzaville, Congo (PANA) – The Congolese Senate on Wednesday adopted a draft bill authorizing the ratification of the cooperation agreement between Congo and Angola on security and public safety, Congolese radio reported Thursday.

The agreement aims to strengthen cooperation through mutual assistance in the two domains. It engages the parties, according to their means, to promote their cooperation in mutual assistance and information sharing in the domain of cross-border criminality, terrorism and illegal immigration; the trafficking of precious stones, weapons of all kinds and ammunition, works and arts objects; cyber criminality, the training and promotion of executives; the protection of their common border, economic crimes and the promotion of cultural and sports activities.

The agreement obliges the two parties to cooperate also in the achievement of joint patrols  along their common border, the sharing of judicial, literary, scientific and technical documents, as well as the taking of necessary measures to combat illegal immigration.

Under the agreement, particular attention is to be paid on the respect of the principle of border intangibility, the promotion of joint meetings on information sharing and cooperation, the respect of the confidentiality of the received information and documents.

The two parties will also engage to resolve amicably any disagreement that could occur from the application of that agreement, for a three-year duration which is renewable.
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