Congo: Brazzaville ratifies air services agreement with Turkey

Brazzaville, Congo (PANA) - The Congolese Senate has ratified the air services agreement it signed last November with Turkey, according to an official statement issued here Thursday.  

Under the agreement, designated airlines of each country will operate between the two States.

The text emphasizes that for the operation of international air services approved by the designated airlines, each contracting party shall transfer certain rights to the other party.

These include the right to over fly the territory of the other Party without landing; to make stopovers for non-traffic purposes as well as to lift and disembark passengers, cargo and mail for international traffic.

The agreement requires the parties to assist each other to prevent acts of unlawful seizure of aircraft and other unlawful acts against the safety of passengers, crew, aircraft, airports, facilities and air navigation services and any other threat to aviation security.

07 august 2014 14:32:40

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