Commissioner reviews autonomy of Rodrigues

Port Louis- Mauritius (PANA) -- The commissioner of Rodrigues, Serge Clair Tuesday reviewed two years of autonomy of the island saying his team "is turning the people into a responsible population".
Clair, who is currently visiting Port Louis, told journalists that the government, which he heads, takes initiatives and discourages the people of Rodrigues from thinking that they should live on government handouts.
He said the Executive Council chose him due to his record in the hotel business, a sector considered to be a catalyst for the other actors of the Island's economy.
"We want to create a better quality of life through small enterprises," he affirmed, before suggesting training in entrepreneurship for 76 university students in the island.
"It proves necessary to create enterprises," Clair said, adding that the Executive Council of Rodrigues has already approved six hotel management projects.
"We want to turn Rodrigues into an ecological island.
We have a tourism committee, which is very active.
Our best advisers in tourism are the tourists," he explained.
Clair later said he wanted to give Rodrigues a regional perspective before seeking an observer status at the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) and the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC).
Rodrigues is a small island of 104 square kilometres inhabited by some 36,000 people.

05 october 2004 21:13:00

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