Clinton Foundation supports Kenya to fight AIDS

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- Former US President Bill Clinton Friday said the Clinton Foundation, currently providing a supply of paediatric formulation anti-retroviral medicine (ARV) that was procured at drastic discounts, would support the Kenya government's efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Clinton, who is in Kenya for the first time for a two-day familiarisation tour, also commended President Mwai Kibaki and the government for the commitment in the war against the scourge.
"It is a great honour that my foundation has been welcomed to work in Kenya and compliment the Kenya government's efforts to fight HIV/Aids," Clinton said.
He noted that Kenya was the first country in Africa to have a large number of people living with HIV/AIDS put on Anti- retroviral treatment, and pledged to work towards ensuring that more treatment is provided both to children and adults, particularly in the rural areas.
Some 40,000 Kenyans are currently under an anti-retroviral programme and this is expected to rise to 150,000.
Clinton added that his foundation is raising funds to set up more Voluntary Testing and Counselling Centres (VCTs), provide low cost anti-retroviral treatment and train nurses to work in the rural areas.
"We should be grateful to have the chance to provide care and anti-retroviral treatment to the affected and infected," Clinton said, adding, "I am going to work hard to ensure that goal is achieved.
" Already, British musician Sir Elton John has pledged $1 million for the work of the Clinton Foundation in Kenya.
"We are encouraged that your foundation is deeply involved in addressing the problem of HIV/AIDS and other numerous challenges that have become a serious hindrance to the realisation of socio- economic progress," President Kibaki said in response.

22 july 2005 17:34:00

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