Civil society urged to be deeply involved in AIDS control

Dakar, Senegal (PANA) – UNAIDS Executive Director for the West and Central Africa region, Mrs Meskerem Gruniky Békélé, on Monday called on civil society to be deeply involved in the prevention against the pandemic, especially in universal access to anti-retroviral drugs.

''Africa has made strenuous and commendable efforts in the prevention of universal access to care for people living with HIV/AIDS," she declared in a sub-regional meeting on the prevention and universal access to treatment.

Mrs Békélé said the West and Central African region had made efforts that needed to be encouraged, and urged civil society and non-governmental organisations to do some advocacy before governments to convince them to honour their commitments.

She said the aim of the meeting was to identify the gains and progress made on the road to universal access in West and Central Africa by highlighting the contribution of civil society and NGOs.

28 فبراير 2011 22:03:15

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