Civil Society critical of Mozambican govt's response to AIDS

Maputo- Mozambique (PANA) -- Civil society bodies, affiliated to the Mozambican N etwork of Associations against HIV/AIDS (MONASO), say they are not satisfied wit h the government's response to the epidemic.
The organisations claim that the government did not involve them in drawing up t he strategic plans for the fight against the disease.
Speaking here Thursday, on the eve of a National Civil Society Conference on HIV /AIDS, MONASO representatives said that when the two successive strategic plans ( PEN 1 and 2) were written, the civil society was not called upon to contribute.
"We are not satisfied with the political response to the fight against HIV/AIDS, because we are not being involved in drafting the strategic plans against this p andemic", they said.
"As civil society, we should make our contribution to the g o vernment's response to this disease".
MONASO, in partnership with other national and foreign NGOs, decided to hold the National Conference (which has been postponed on several occasions) to present i ts contribution to the third strategic plan, PEN 3, which should be implemented a s from 2009.
"Through this meeting we want to contribute so that PEN 3 responds to the desire s of civil society", said MONASO.
About 600 people from across Mozambique are expected to attend the conference.
T he meeting will also assess the activities undertaken by civil society bodies in preventing and fighting HIV/AIDS, and evaluate implementation of the existing po l icies and strategies to halt the spread of the disease.
The conference is scheduled to end Monday.
The latest statistics show that HIV prevalence in Mozambique has stabilised at a bout 16 per cent of the population aged between 15 and 49.
It is believed that about 1.
6 million Mozambicans are HIV positive.

13 june 2008 18:27:00

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