Church supports AIDS intervention measures

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- The Ethiopian Orthodox Church would remain committed to supporting the national HIV/AIDS prevention and control measures alongside its apostolic mission, Patriarch Abune Paulos has said.
Opening a three-day sensitization workshop on the disease for diocesan heads, Paulos said the Ethiopian Orthodox Church has done its best to complement initiatives undertaken by the national HIV/AIDS control body.
The church attaches paramount importance to prevention of the disease with a view to creating an HIV/AIDS free community, he said.
The Patriarch urged church leaders and the general public to care and show compassion to AIDS-orphaned children and people living with the disease.
Meanwhile, the church's aid commissioner, Tsegaye Habite said his commission has set up an anti-HIV/AIDS centre with nine branch offices around Ethiopia.

10 july 2001 14:42:00

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