Chinese at Mauritius textile firm clash with police

Port Louis- Mauritius (PANA) -- Angry Chinese workers at the Mauritian Textile Company (CMT) near Port Louis and security forces clashed Wednesday in the aftermath of a Chinese colleague on Monday.
The demonstrators, who accused their management of negligence in the death of their compatriot, took away his body and locked themselves up in their dormitories, refusing any post-mortem examination.
They threw missiles at policemen who used tear gases before forcing the doors of their dormitories open and taking the body to Victoria hospital for post-mortem examination.
Several Chinese and Mauritian workers were wounded during the clashes.
CMT Director, François Woo, declared that these incidents are the work of fifteen Chinese who did not want to comply with the law nor hand over the body for post-mortem examination.
"It took us more than two hours to discuss with them before the wife of the deceased worker finally accepted to hand over the body, but others pressured her to dissuade her," he affirmed.
Nearly 10,000 Chinese are working in the textile sector in Mauritius.
They often stage demonstrations to complain about their "poor working conditions" and "low salaries".

09 march 2005 21:31:00

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