Chiluba leaves for Togo

Lusaka- Zambia (PANA) -- Zambian President Frederick Chiluba Thursday left Lusaka for Togo to attend a meeting of the 15-member OAU's central organ on conflict resolution.
Accompanied by foreign minister Keli Walubita and Presidential Affairs minister Eric Silwamba, the president is expected to present a report on the progress of the peace process in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
Chiluba was charged by the Southern African Development Community to co-ordinate the process that led to the signing of the July 1999 DRC peace agreement.
A UN Security Council mission to the DRC and the Great Lakes region led by France's Permanent representative, ambassador Jean-David Levitte would be in Lusaka from 21-23 May next week.
A joint meeting of the UN Security Council and the Political committee on the implementation of the DRC cease-fire agreement is expected to take place on 21 May.
Meawhile, Chiluba told reporters shortly before departure that Libyan leader Col.
Moammar Kadhafi had assured him that he would attend the 37th OAU summit in Lusaka next July.
"The concerns on the venue which were raised by Col.
Kadhafi are no longer there.
Kadhafi rang me and assured me that they will be coming to Lusaka to attend the summit," Chiluba said.
Kadhafi last week had proposed that the venue of this year's OAU summit be moved from Lusaka to South Africa following Chiluba's declaration that he would not run for a third term of office.
Kadhafi argued that Chiluba would not be able to complete his term of office as chairman of the OAU.
Chiluba has dismissed local speculations that the venue of the summit may be shifted from the capital, Lusaka to the tourist Southern town of Livingstone since construction of the OAU village for the heads of state and government may not be completed on time.
The president said construction work was going on well and the venue of the summit would be Lusaka.
"The summit will be held here in Lusaka.
In case there are any changes we will let you know, but as of now it is Lusaka," Chiluba said.
Zambia has embarked on preparations for hosting the OAU summit at a cost of 17 million US dollars and the construction apart from the OAU village, also include the extension of Mulungushi international conference centre, the venue of the summit.

17 may 2001 17:42:00

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