Car runs into stationary plane in Nigeria

Lagos- Nigeria (PANA) -- A taxi driver on Wednesday rammed his vehicle into a commercial jetliner just before the plane was to take off at the Margaret Ekpo Airport in Nigeria's South-eastern city of Calabar.
The driver, suspected to be drunk, broke through security barriers before hitting the fully-loaded Arik Airline's Boeing 737 plane, which was about to taxi and take off on a one-hour flight to Lagos.
No one was injured or killed but the passengers on the plane were transferred to another plane to continue their journey.
The driver, who was slightly injured and his car damaged, was arrested by Nigerian Air Force soldiers.
“We were all here working when suddenly we heard a big noise and when we turned, we saw a taxi driving with speed toward the tarmac and it ran straight right under the Arik aircraft that was about to take off," an eyewitness said.
Airport Manager Mahmud Sani told journalists that he was surprised at the incident “especially when the vehicle got on to the tarmac through the Air Force premises” He said that the driver of the taxi cab had been detained at the Air Force base, adding that investigation into the incident had begun.
It was the latest in a series of serious security breaches at Nigerian airports.

31 march 2010 18:14:00

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