Cape Verdian premier urges Savimbi to stop war

Praia- Cape Verde (PANA) -- Cape Verdian Prime Minister Jose Maria Neves has appealed to UNITA leader Jonas Savimbi to work towards the search for a peace in Angola.
Neves said any move made by Savimbi to restore peace in Angola would assure the Angolan people a "bright future" which they are "rightfully entitled to.
" Speaking during an official dinner organised in honour of Guilherme Possa da Costa, his Sao Tome and Principe counterpart, Neves expressed his "deep concern" about the armed conflict in Angola, describing it as a "brotherly country" because of the "blood and cultural ties as well as a common history" Angola and Cape Verde shared.
Da Costa arrived in Praia Tuesday for a two-day "friendship and working visit.
" Neves said the Lusaka (Zambia) agreement had brought new hope for the restoration of peace and the normalisation of the Angolan situation.
"This agreement established the conditions for the construction of a prosperous and free country.
Unfortunately, UNITA's successive violations of the Lusaka Protocol led to a fresh outbreak of war, with its horrible trail of destruction and sufferings," he lamented.
Neves added that only peace and the respect for the will of the people could lead to the development and well being of the Angola and its citizens.

20 june 2001 14:14:00

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