Cape Verdian MPs take their seats at Pan-African parliament

Praia, Cape Verde (PANA) – Four Cape Verdian Parliamentarians on Tuesday took their seats as full members of the Pan-African Parliament during the plenary session of the 6th ordinary meeting in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

Livio Lopes, Justiniano Sena and Felisberto Vieira from the ruling African Party for Cape Verde Independence (PAICV) and Jorge Santos from the Movement for Democracy (MpD), the main opposition party, were elected last April by the new Cape Verdian parliament after the parliamentary elections held in February.

The agenda of the current 6th ordinary session of the Pan-African parliament, which opened last Thursday, includes the presentation and debate on the state of the African Union, peace and security, as well as the state of the ratification of the African Charter for democracy, governance and elections.

The Pan-African Parliament was set up in March 2004 with the goal to establish a common platform for African peoples and their basic organizations so that they become more involved in debates and decision-making about the problems and challenges facing the continent.

The supreme objective for the Pan-African parliament is to be an institution with full parliamentary powers and whose members must be elected by universal suffrage.

18 janvier 2012 21:12:00

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