Cape Verde withdraws from Amilcar Cabral Cup

Praia- Cape Verde (PANA) -- Cape Verde national football team has withdrawn from the 17th Amilcar Cabral tournament that kicked off Friday in Conakry, Guinea, the archipelago's football federation announced in Praia.
The Cape Verde Football Federation (FCF) said that it decided to miss the largest sporting event in Zone II of the Supreme Council of Sports in Africa because it was currently restructuring its team.
The FCF decided after consultations with the government that it was not fair to line-up the national team in another international competition "after its poor performance during the last four qualifier matches" for the joint 2006 FIFA World Cup/ African Cup of Nations finals.
Th FCF president, Mario Semedo, explained that due to poor performance during the second phase qualifiers, the football governing body decided to restructure the national team, including changing the coaches headed by Alexandre Alhinho.
Mario Semedo also explained that the FCF strategy was to send a team of locally based players "but which is strong enough to defend the prestige of Cape Verde.
" However, this was not possible because Cape Verdean footballers were not prepared to participate in an international competition because, apart from Sao Vicente, the other 10 sporting regions in the archipelago were in the off-season period.
The Amilcar Cabral tournament, named after the "father" of the independence of Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau, was created in a bid to raise soccer standards in West Africa.

18 novembre 2005 22:04:00

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