Cape Verde to get AIDS control plan

Praia- Cape Verde (PANA) -- Health authorities in Cape Verde have started developing a national plan to control HIV/AIDS for the period 2002-2006, official sources said.
Public and private organisations involved in the fight against the pandemic recently met in Praia to adopt a common strategy on how to co-ordinate the deployment of all national and foreign partners into the plan of action.
Cape Verdian first lady Adelcia Pires, who attended the meeting, expressed her willingness to co-operate with health authorities in the fight against AIDS.
Since her husband came to power in February, Pires has attended two international conferences on sensitising African first ladies on the pandemic in Africa.
At least 200 people have been died of HIV/AIDS in Cape Verde since 1998, official statistics indicated.
Meanwhile, the country's National AIDS Control Programme director, Antonienta Martins, said that health authorities have recorded 3,000 HIV-positive people and 406 AIDS patients across the country.
She, however, noted that the figures do not fully reflect the reality since the current monitoring system was not effective.
Martins also expressed regret over the "often irresponsible" attitude of some people regarding the disease.
She condemned some of the country's youth for not using condoms, which are freely distributed in the country.

22 يونيو 2001 14:39:00

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