Cape Verde sets up ECOWAS monitoring commission

Praia- Cape Verde (PANA) -- Cape Verde has decided to set up a commission to monitor the activities of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in order to ensure more active participation of the country in the Community, official sources said in Praia.
The commission, which will include representatives of various public and private institutions, will take part in co-ordinating activities by the ministry of foreign affairs, co-operation and communities.
Cape Verdean Prime Minister Jose Maria Neves, who attended a meeting to set up the body, said that Cape Verde's participation to the 25th ECOWAS summit held on 20 and 21 December in Dakar, "was an opportunity for the archipelago state to resume its African policy and be more dynamically integrated into ECOWAS".
Neves said on his return to Praia that the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) should start with the enhancement of regional integration.
He recalled that one of the proposals he presented at the summit was for ECOWAS to develop specific policies for small and insular countries like Cape Verde, which have huge difficulty overcoming obstacles caused by their geographic location in the area of West African sub-regional integration.
Neves added that his proposal was taken into account in the final communiqué from the summit and submitted to the ECOWAS executive secretariat in Abuja, Nigeria.

28 december 2001 20:16:00

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