Cape Verde advocates stronger ties with Francophonie

Paris- France (PANA) -- Cape Verde's minister for cabinet affairs Arnaldo Andrade Ramos on Wednesday called for stronger ties between Praia and the International Organisation of the Francophonie (OIF).
Speaking after an audience with IOF's secretary general Abdou Diouf, Ramos said the former Senegalese President had paid special attention to his request.
"I had an audience with President Diouf to whom I handed a message from President Pedro Pires calling for the strengthening of the existing excellent ties with OIF.
"We are convinced that the French language can be a vehicle for integration in the West African sub-region and will contribute to the enhancement of relations with our neighbours," Ramos told PANA in Paris.
He also indicated that Cape Verde hopes to benefit from OIF's expertise to develop its education system and reinforce its human resources.
"Education is a real asset for a country like Cape Verde which is not endowed with a lot of natural resources, a fundamental issue.
Our country's future is dependent on education.
"That is why we intend, with support from the Francophonie, to develop our educational system and human resources," said Ramos, who represented the ruling African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde (PAICV) at the recent congress of the French Socialist party.
According to the Cape Verdean minister, the former Senegalese head of state who knows with his country's realities, had shown a keen interest for the development of bilateral co-operation between the OIF and Cape Verde.
"President Diouf who has shown a keen interest in our country since the liberation war against Portugal is a man who is prepared to accompany us.
That's what he has always done.
We are convinced that a bright future lies ahead in OIF-Cape Verde co-operation," Ramos said.

21 may 2003 23:28:00

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