Cape Verde: Global Fund to grant Cape Verde 4 million euros for HIV/AIDS programmes

Praia, Cape Verde (PANA) - The Global Fund will grant Cape Verde 4million euros to enable the  archipelago to finance programmes against HIV/AIDS and malaria over the next three years, PANA learnt Tuesday from official sources.

The announcement was made by Cape Verde's Minister of Health, Cristina Fontes Lima, following a meeting with officials of the fund who re currently visiting Praia to revise the plan aimed at improving interventions, identifying next steps as well as financial and human needs on the matter.

The minister said that the visiting Global Fund officials have described as "satisfactory", the implementation of the Global Fund-funded projects in Cape Verde in the field of the fight against HIV/AIDS and malaria.

Fontes Lima acknowledged that with the amount made available by the Global Fund, Cape Verde has been making "great progress", but added that there was still much to be done.

"We currently consider the second phase of the 1 million-euro malaria programme that is due to start soon," the minister said, stressing that the conceptual assessment presented by the Cape Verde authorities was positive.

On HIV/AIDS, the Health Minister revealed that her office was currently preparing a proposal for a new programme to take up the current challenges from recent reforms.

For this new programme, the Global Fund has pledged nearly 3 million euros for Cape Verde, which will help the government purchase anti-retroviral drugs that are very expensive, Fontes Lima said, adding that without the financial support, it is impossible for the country to provide patients with quality treatment.

The Health Minister said that in view of this decision and given the "good will" of the Global Fund to provide Cape-Verde with technical assistance and financial support, the government will adopt the same line to improve the fight against these diseases.

The head of the Global Fund mission, Paula Hacopain, said that her organization supports Cape Verde because of the government's efforts to implement programmes and the fact that the archipelago has one of the “strongest governance and health systems in Africa".

The Global Fund has been supporting Cape Verde since 2002 with one-time funding in the field of HIV/AIDS and malaria.

However, in 2009 Cape Verde was selected for the first time to access the financial resources of the Global Fund against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

In this context, the Global Fund funded the 2011-2015 National AIDS Plan up by about 8.9 million euros.

The prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS in Cape Verde continues to be stable at 0.8 percent.

09 december 2014 15:00:16

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