Cape Verde, South Africa airport authorities sign agreement

Praia- Cape Verde (PANA) -- Cape Verdean Airports and Air Safety Authority (ASA) and the Airport Company of South Africa (ACSA) have signed a protocol on cooperation in various areas of common interest.
The agreement was signed this week at the end of a visit to Cape Verde by a delegation from ACSA, led by executive director Vernon Naidoo.
Under the agreement, ASA and ACSA will carry out a series of joint activities in the development of airport safety master plans, crisis management, training, consultation and technical assistance, search and rescue operations and in information technologies.
ASA board chairman Mario Paixao described the agreement as "historic", saying that it marked the beginning of a promising cooperation between the two companies.
For his part, Naidoo said the two companies would work to better serve the economies of their two countries and passengers who use Cape Verdean and South African airports.
ACSA will assist ASA in equipping its new international airport being built in Praia.
The airport will be opened to traffic in early 2003.

05 september 2002 16:32:00

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