Capacity-building programme registers 64 percent success

Niamey- Niger (PANA) -- A UNDP programme aimed at beefing up Niger's capacity in economic management and governance was Wednesday reported 64 percent deep in its objectives.
Reporting progress in the bid, programme coordinator Mamane Saidou said the 4-million dollar programme launched in October 1997 was multi-pronged, including a socio- economic reintegration of former Tuareg rebels through projects such as the renovation of infrastructure in the Tahoua region.
Saidou said action in the coming years would be directed at making NGOs key actors in a participatory approach to governance and, more specifically, in the elaboration of Niger's Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP).
The programme also seeks to strengthen the process peace and reconciliation in the north of the country.
In its support to Niger's High Commission for the Restoration of Peace (HCRP), the UNDP undertakes to develop the country's pastoral zone covering all seven districts, except Dosso and Niamey.
Further action in the programme included stepping up legislative capacity the National Assembly as a counter- weight, hence control organ vis-à-vis the executive.
Equably envisioned is training for trade unionists with a view to raising awareness on their role in the fight against poverty.

22 august 2001 21:15:00

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