Canada, Iran to mediate in Mano River conflict

Monrovia- Liberia (PANA) -- Canada and Iran have expressed interest in helping to restore peace and stability to the Mano River Union (MRU) basin in the coming week.
The basin comprises Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, all of which have been embroiled in conflicts they attribute to one another's support for dissident activities against the other.
On Monday, the special Canadian envoy for Sierra Leone, David Pratt, told Liberian president Charles Taylor about efforts Canada was making to ensure that peace and security should return to the sub-region.
Pratt, also a member of the Canadian parliament, said he was on a sub-regional tour to consult with the three MRU countries to move the peace process forward.
He said during meetings in Sierra Leone and Guinea, concerns were expressed about instability in the sub-region, and that motivated him to access Taylor's views on the way forward to peace in the MRU states.
Pratt, heading a three-man delegation to Liberia, said following the tour he will submit a report to the Canadian foreign ministry with appropriate recommendations.
He left Liberia for The Gambia.
Last Thursday, an official of the Iranian foreign ministry told Taylor in a meeting Iran was offering to arrange a tripartite meeting to bring Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone together.
Hamid Moayyer, director general for foreign affairs, said he had held similar discussions with presidents Tejan Kabbah and Lansana Conteh of Sierra Leone and Guinea, respectively.
He said the expressed desire of the two leaders to see peace reign in the MRU stimulated his visit to Liberia to confer with Taylor.
Taylor has, meanwhile, accepted the offer of Canada and Iran to mediate in the conflict that has engulfed the MRU basin.

29 may 2001 20:28:00

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