Cameroonian women shun anti-tetanus vaccination

Douala- Cameroon (PANA) -- For fear of getting pregnant, Cameroonian women aged between 15-29 years have shunned the four-day maternal and neonatal vaccination campaign that got under way Wednesday in 22 health districts.
Medical sources told PANA that, women in pro-creation age in Sanag-Maritime and Nkam districts of Littoral Province have largely ignored the vaccination campaign.
Only 2,500 out of the expected 10,000 of such women turned out to be vaccinated.
According to the Littoral provincial health delegate, Dr Jeremie Solle, the health ministry expected about 35,000 women between 15 and 29 years to be vaccinated against tetanus, which kills 95 percent of those who get infected.
"We will continue to raise public awareness on the need to go for vaccination in order to gain immunity," Dr Solle stressed.
Opponents of tetanus vaccination allege that "ulterior motives" were behind the campaign bring offered free of charge.
According to official figures, over 40,000 cases of maternal tetanus and 450,000 neonatal cases occur in Cameroon every year.

05 may 2004 19:47:00

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