Cameroonian Diaspora yearns for role back home

Douala- Cameroon (PANA) -- Cameroonian nationals living in Germany plan to use the "Cameroon-Diaspora" forum scheduled for 25-27 April in Yaounde to sensitise local authorities on the need for a better policy to integrate Cameroonians abroad in the national development process.
In a letter sent to Prime Minister Inoni Ephraïm, Cameroonians in Germany expressed their wish to avail their expertise to the socio- economic development of their country.
The German federal statistics Bureau reveals that some 14,414 Cameroonians, some 5,245 of them students, live in Germany, while the number of Cameroonian citizens graduated from the German universities and high schools reached 322 in 2004, up from 147 in 2000.
In addition, 1,660 Cameroonians, 648 of whom are women, naturalised as Germans between 1981 and 2005, as the annual figure rose from two in 1981 to 354 in 2005.

18 أبريل 2007 17:32:00

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