Cameroon reports 510,000 AIDS sufferers this year

Yaoundé- Cameroon (PANA) -- Some 510, 000 AIDS patients have been reported in Cam eroon this year against the 43,000 sufferers in 2004, the National Aids Control C ommittee (CNLS) revealed during its second annual meeting here.
The Committee notes that the fourth "AIDS-free Holidays" campaign, organised thi s year, has helped screen 47,693 youths 2,177 of whom are HIV patients while the mobile screening units and the health districts have recorded about 25,532 peopl e living with the virus.
CNLS Permanent Secretary Maurice Fezeu said the number of people living with HIV /AIDS in the country was alarming while the government had taken measures with d o nors to curb the disease.
The measures involve the reduction in the cost of tests since January 2007 from FCFA 16,000 to FCFA 3, 000 and the free antiretrovirals for patients since last 1 May.
The Cameroonian government's 2006-2010 strategic HIV-AIDS control Plan, which wa s approved Monday, seeks to reduce at least by half the number of youths aged be t ween 15 and 24 years infected with HIV/AIDS.
In its outlines, the plan provides, among other things, for the introduction of training and education modules on HIV/AIDS in primary and secondary schools.

21 november 2007 16:38:00

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