Cameroon attains over 100% polio vaccination cover

Yaounde- Cameroon (PANA) -- Cameroon achieved over 102% vaccination cover during the second synchronised vaccination days against the wild polio virus in April, the country's public health minister, Urbain Olanguena Awono told journalists here Monday.
According to the minister, the 102.
65% vaccination cover was higher than the previous round in January-February when the rate stood at 100.
42 percent.
Northern Cameroon province attained the highest vaccination rate of 144%, while the lowest of 98% was registered in Western province.
Meanwhile, vaccination teams detected about 3% of the children who had never received a single dose of the wild poliovirus vaccine.
The permanent secretary of the Extended Programme on Immunisation (EPI), Emmanuel Nomo, explain that most of these were infants below the age of one who were not born during the previous vaccination round, or whose parents claimed they were not informed about the health campaign.
Urbain Olanguena Awono told journalists that a single case of wild poliovirus transmitted from neighbouring Nigeria was detected at Kolofata in the Extreme North province.
Local authorities explained that the child suspected to be infected had come from Nigeria with her parents for treatment at Kalofata hospital had returned home.
The samples of his stool sent for analysis at the Pasteur laboratory were still being awaited.
The minister of health said that arrangements have been completed for the third vaccination round from 13-15 May, which will be simultaneously conducted in 23 other African countries.
He said the objective of the third round would be to consolidate the gains of the first two previous ones to pave the way for the total eradication of the wild poliovirus in Cameroon by th end of 2005.

10 may 2005 08:53:00

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